Real estate litigation lawyers

Real estate litigation law firm

Property law focuses on the rules governing immovable property, instead of movable property. For most people, it affects the most important investment in their lifetime: purchasing a house, a condo, an apartment building, etc. We fully understand that as an owner you want to avoid or overcome setbacks pertaining to your property.

In this regard, our legal experts possess a strong expertise in the following fields:


Sale and passing of title

You require that a contract of sale be exempt of ambiguity in order to avoid future issues? The seller is refusing to proceed with the passing of title? You are facing a delicate situation related to the purchase or sale of an immovable property? Lawyers at Juriseo are there to advise and help you in these matters.


Article 1177 of the Civil Code of Quebec defines a servitude: “A servitude is a charge imposed on an immovable, the servient land, in favour of another immovable, the dominant land, belonging to a different owner.” Servitudes are either predial or personal. In the first case, it is normally continuous, while in the second it is discontinuous.
You want to merge your property or the property of another owner to a servitude, or you would like a servitude to be respected in your favour? Our experts are there to help.


You would like to stop living in an indivision of property? You need a co-ownership agreement or the existing one is not respected? Lawyers at Juriseo have acquired a strong expertise with regard to co-ownership whether divided or undivided and can advise you in such matters.

Construction and hidden defects

Hidden defects are things which cannot be found by a cursory evaluation done by a cautious and diligent purchaser. We understand how it can be frustrating to discover serious problems after the construction or acquisition of a real estate property, especially if it is unexpected.

Thankfully, the team at Juriseo can help you get compensation for the trouble and inconvenience resulting from a fault in the construction or a hidden defect.

Neighbourhood disturbances

Pursuant to Article 976 of the Civil Code of Quebec, “Neighbours shall suffer the normal neighbourhood annoyances that are not beyond the limit of tolerance they owe each other, according to the nature or location of their land or local usage.”

There is no need for you to suffer from abnormal annoyances, no matter if they are done to disturb you intentionally or not.

If you are disturbed by a large amount of noise, bad odours or if you are harassed by a neighbour, lawyers at Juriseo can assist you in stopping the disturbances and ensure that you obtain compensation.

Residential and commercial leases

As for leases, all parties have rights and obligations. No matter if you are a lessor or a lessee, we do not take sides: we are prepared to defend and assist you to ensure that your rights are respected!


As a mortgage creditor you want to sell a property or sell it under judicial authority, take possession of the property to administer it or take possession of it as payment?

You are the debtor to a mortgage and the creditor wrongfully believes that you have defaulted or abused his rights?

In all cases, lawyers at Juriseo can assist you in achieving your goal and enforce the law relevant to your situation.

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