Tort law and liability law lawyers

Tort claim lawyers and liability law

Civil liability aims at compensating individuals that are victims of another person’s neglect or violation of the rules of conduct. It also aims at restoring the victims to the state they were in before the neglect, etc. It is a field of law that encompasses a variety of situations, equally different from one another.

Extracontractual liability

Extracontractual civil liability is applicable in situations where there is no contract between the parties involved, and which occur quite frequently (dog bites, sidewalks that are not de-iced properly, fire resulting from forgetfulness, etc.).

In all cases, lawyers at Juriseo are there to assist you in receiving fair compensation for the injury caused by another person’s fault.

Contractual civil liability

Contractual civil liability is initiated once there is a violation in a contractual agreement, regardless of the contract’s nature (sale, lease, usage, etc.). Since a contract is “the law of the parties”, non-compliance with its provisions may have serious consequences.

In this regard, the team at Juriseo can assist you and ensure that agreements are respected and help you obtain compensation resulting from a contract violation made by your co-contracting party.

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