Family Law Lawyers

Divorce lawyers and family law

Family law reviews the rules concerning the family unit. It therefore addresses extremely sensitive and delicate situations.

The team at Juriseo can assist you in facing the legal challenges in the following matters:

Marriage and divorce

You are planning on getting married? Our experts can advise you on the formalities related to the marriage ceremony, explain the appropriate matrimonial regime, prepare your marriage contract, and more!

You are considering getting a divorce? Our experts can assist you as well. From the application for divorce to the dissolution of the matrimonial regime including the partition of the family patrimony, our experts are there to provide guidance and support.


Whether for adoption matters, proof or contestation of parentage, lawyers at Juriseo will work relentlessly to achieve your goals.

Child custody, child support and parental authority

You have just gone through a divorce or separation and have children? Because you are already burdened enough, our lawyers will take care of determining or settling the amount of child support and negotiate or request a ruling on child custody conditions.

De facto spouses

You are living under common-law and wish your relationship, in part or in full, be subject to the rules of marriage? Our qualified legal experts can advise you what potential impacts this decision may have and, if applicable, prepare a contract for common-law partners.

Private international law

Private international law examines the private-law relationship between private individuals or entities which contain foreign elements. Often it refers to laws of many countries simultaneously, which can lead to legal headaches. Fortunately, lawyers at Juriseo are there to help you understand them clearly, whether for family, contractual, succession matters, etc.

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