Isabelle Chatigny  

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Isabelle Chatigny  

Professional Experience

As a lawyer in private practice since 2015, Isabelle Chatigny has acquired experience in many fields of law such as civil litigation and family law of which she is very fond.

With her efficient and proactive approach, Ms. Chatigny fosters judicial proportionality and the settlement of legal dispute. Her client’s interests are her priority. Isabelle Chatigny is dedicated and creative when looking for solutions tailored to their needs.

Passionate and engaged in her practice, Ms. Chatigny uses every means at her disposal to achieve the desired outcome. She is known to be fearless when defending her client’s interests before the courts.

In this regard, her caseload includes common law cases before the Federal Court as well as administrative matters before the Court of Quebec, the Superior Court of Quebec, the Administrative Labour Tribunal and the Quebec Administrative Tribunal.

Perfectly bilingual, Ms. Chatigny has strong analytical skills. She is recognized by her peers and her clients as a dedicated and attentive lawyer, while being both available and accessible to her clients.

Isabelle Chatigny holds a law degree from the Université de Montréal and is a member of the Barreau du Québec.

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